"Our Mission is to help develop the wealth and well-being
of our employees, customers, shareholders and the communities we serve."

Pioneer Bank incorporated as a state banking association under the laws of the state of Wisconsin in 1910. We were chartered under the name Auburndale State Bank, a designation held until a 1992 name change to Pioneer Bank. Our principal office is located at 5758 Main Street, Auburndale, Wisconsin. The bank has established a full service network in various central Wisconsin communities. Go to locations & hours for additional information.

Mission Statement

The mission of Pioneer Bank is to help develop the wealth and well-being of our employees, customers, shareholders and the communities we serve. To accomplish this, the bank will always conduct its business in a manner sensitive to their needs.

Our First Pioneers

Reuben Connor

Pioneer Bank, originally known as Auburndale State Bank and northern Wood county's oldest financial institution, was incorporated on January 4, 1910. Capital stock was $13,000 with 77 incorporators or stockholders. One share was worth $100.

As our first president, Reuben Connor, also served alongside our original board of directors: J. C. "Charlie" Kieffer, Sr., Fred Schultz, W. D. Connor, John Baltus, Wolfgang Kolbeck, Geo. Schmidt, A. J. Friedrich and N. M. Berg.

Pictured: Our first president of Auburndale State Bank, Reuben A. Connor

First Stockholders

Today's Pioneer Bank family is proud, indebted and thankful to the individuals who believed in the creation of Pioneer Bank in 1910. Many of these individuals are responsible for the things we take for granted in our communities - like a post office or a landline telephone. As Pioneer Bank evolves, we strive to maintain the dedication of our predecessors to the communities we serve.

Mrs. K. Aschenbrenner
Louis Aschenbrenner
Anton Ashbeck
Jos. Baierl
Geo. J. Baltus
John J. Baltus
John M. Beaver
N. M. Berg
Mike Brandl
Jos. Breu
James Brozek
Wm. Cody
Craig P. Connor
R. A. Connor
R. Connor
W. D. Connor
A. J. Cowell
Geo. Davel
E. M. Deming
Theodor Drisson
Peter Engeldinger
Knute Evenson
J. M. Fait
A. J. Friedrich
James J. Glennon
Fred E. Graham
G. E. Grob
B. Hafenbredl Sr.
B. Hafenbredl, Jr.
Conrad Heeg
Ferdinand Herman
Frank Herman
Frank Hilgart
Geo. Hooper
Fred Jones
Nick Kelnhofer
J. C. Kieffer
Mark Kieffer
Jos. Kohel
Wolfgang Kolbeck
John Koller
Jos. Koller
Conrad Krings
Geo. Kundinger
Joseph Kundinger
Chas. J. Linzmaier
H. Lipka
Frank Lusk
Albert Maidenwaldt
John Markee
Aug. Mews
F. W. Parks
R. P. Potter
M. E. Reynolds
Marie Roehrborn
Ole Rogney
J. A. Roy
Ole Rudi
Matt Schill
Wm. Schlafke
George Schmidt
C. Schulhauser
August Schultz
Emil Schultz
Ferd Schultz
Fred Schultz
Otto Schultz
J. L. Schumacker
Albert Schuster
Ole Sivertson
Bernard Stoflet
P. P. Syms
Mary Treml
Wenzel Treml
D. N. Welch
Jos. Willfahrt
Paul Wurl
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