Agri Business Loans

Agricultural and Ag Related Business Loans

Whether you are actively engaged in production agriculture farming, or own a business that provides products and services to producers, Pioneer Bank has a wide variety of products and services to help you meet your financial goals. We've helped finance Central Wisconsin Agriculture for over 100 years, and we understand the needs of our producers and Agri-businesses for competitive products and services, flexible terms, and most importantly, a Lending Staff that will take the time to understand your business and tailor a financing package that meets your individual needs. We offer competitive interest rates and timely service with all of our various loan types:

Revolving Lines of Credit

Revolving Lines of Credit give you the freedom and flexibility to meet your working capital needs, with a variety of terms and flexible repayment options. A line of credit gives you immediate access to loan funds without any delays. You only pay interest on the funds that you use for the time your balance is outstanding, yet you have ready access to all available funds up to your pre-approved maximum line. That way when you need money for unexpected emergencies, supplier discounts, or a great deal at auction, you have immediate access to loan funds.

Intermediate Term Loans

Intermediate Term Loans provide funding the necessary inventory, capital, machinery or livestock critical to any business. This type of loan can be used for new purchases, refinancing, or consolidating debt, and is typically repaid within 1 to 7 years. Flexible repayment options allow you to match the loan repayment with your business cash flow and the expected life of your assets.

Real Estate Loans

Real Estate Loans provide the capital needed to finance purchases, refinancing or expansion of the long term fixed assets of your business. Whether it's buying land or buildings; or remodeling or expanding existing facilities, we can provide the long term financing needed, with loans amortized up to 25 years. We offer a wide variety of balloon or variable interest rate options and have access to long term fixed rate funding if desired.

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